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Welcome to Rockville Centre
Restaurant Association

Rockville Centre Restaurant Association aims to strengthen our local restaurant community and promote our numerous restaurants throughout the wonderful Village of Rockville Centre on Long Island's South Shore.

Seafood Pasta

Our Mission

At Rockville Centre Restaurant Association, our mission is to support and celebrate the diverse culinary scene in our village. We are dedicated to fostering a vibrant and thriving restaurant community.

“Together, we savor the flavors of Rockville Centre's culinary excellence.”

-Local Food Enthusiasts

Discover Rockville Centre

Restaurant Directory

Explore the variety of cuisines and dining experiences offered by our member restaurants.

Events and Promotions

Stay updated on special events, promotions & culinary celebrations happening in RVC.

Join Us

Become a member of Rockville Centre Restaurant Association and be a part of our thriving restaurant community.

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